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Shahid Afridi Two Brilliant Sixes In Bpl
Shahid Afridi made a contract with the Sylhet Superstars for the BPL 2016 edition and BOOM BOOM made a great start to his venture in BPL. Afridi not only bowled well in all the games but also scored some really good number of runs. In one of the games against Dhaka Dynamites, it was the mental strength of Afridi which gave his side a thrilling win in the final over of the game. Eight runs were required off just three balls and Afridi was on strike. Now any other player would have struggled to hit those runs but Afridi did not.

Farhad was the bowler and Afridi just knew where Farad would pitch the ball to him. It was a rational call that Farhad would definitely go on for a Yorker and Afridi knew it. Those were the decisive moments of the game and Farhad wanted to get the best out of them. Afridi was ready and he knew Farhad would pitch the ball up at him. it was a low full toss as Farhad could not hit the Yorker right. Afridi just flicks the ball on the leg side and got his first six which was perhaps the most important boundary of the match.

Afridi had the upper hand and Farhad was in pressure again. The next ball was again the same one and this time again Afridi played the same shot. The ball hit the middle of his bat and went out of the park again. There two shots gave SS a thrilling win. DD just could not pick up the pace in the final over. Shahid Afridi was part of the Bangladesh Premier League 2016 and he played for the Sylhet Superstars. Afridi was bought as one of the most expensive players in the league and he showed with his performances that why he had so much price.

Afridi bowled brilliantly in all the games. He was right on the money with his line and length and picked up a good cluster of wickets. Afridi also showed his batting abilities as well in some of the games and not all of them. Afridi in the game against DD was the show stopper. He came right at the end of the game and at that stage the SS were a bit lacking behind the DD.

In the final over the last three balls were left with Afridi facing his first ball of the over. Eight runs were required and DD fans were thinking about a possible win while SS fans were looking a bit nervous and confused. Farhad was the bowler and he was bowling well enough. He wanted to hit a perfect Yorker against Afridi but it ended up as a low full toss. Now Afridi does not miss up such balls. He flicks it from the middle and the ball goes over the backward square leg fit a six.

Afridi knew he has given a high jolt to the bowler. Farhad knew that he is left with no chance and that kept him more under pressure and he hit the same line and length again. Again it was too easy for Afridi and he slammed it hard again on the leg side and sealed the game for SS. It was a spectacular win for Afridi and his teammates. They were all hardly expecting this to be ending like this.

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