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Samiullah Shinwari Amazing Shot Against Perrera In T20 Match
This is one of the most amazing shots played in a T20 game. Despite the batsman falling all around he still manages to get a four to his name. The batsman was none other than the Afghanistan batsman Samiullah Shinwari. This match was played in the last World T20. It was expected that there will be plenty of fireworks in the event and there was plenty of it. The batsmen were on their toes to hot the bowlers over the boundary lines while the bowlers were there to hit the stumps.

Shinwari was facing Perrera here. This was a normal line and length ball outside the off stump. Shinwari went for a reverse hit. Now while he was trying to execute his shot he got off balance and fell down on the pitch. But before that he just put some part of his bat on the ball and got four runs. Now this is the reason T20 cricket has been liked and followed a lot. There is action in it all the time. The batters and bowlers both are in for a great contest all the time.

Shinwari switched his position when the ball was released from Perrera. This movement was late and that was the reason Perrera failed to pick it up. Still on cannot say that this was a bad ball. Only that Perrera was unlucky this time. The Sri Lankan find it really hard to believe what he saw Samiullah doing to him here. This was a good ball and yet it went for a boundary. The typical results of T20 balls and shots here. Even a good ball could easily be managed for a boundary and we saw it.

Shinwari was not in proper balance when he played this shot. He was falling down and in that he managed to fine tickle the ball. The bat put the ball fine towards the left of the short third man fielder and it raced away to the fence in no time. Shinwari was lying on the pitch watching the ball going towards the boundary line. He may have fallen there but he did get the job done. He got four runs for it.

The Afghanistan batsmen loves the shortest format cricket. They are all attacking batsmen and hence they all like to play attacking cricket against the bowlers. This one format gives them the license to go after the bowlers and get the runs. Right from the top order the attacking cricket begins for the Afghani batters and once it gets going then there is no backing down for them.

Here this shot clearly suggests that the Afghan batters know how to adjust to the line and length of the ball and they can innovate shots of their own as well. There was nothing wrong about this one ball. It was right on the money and Perrera must have been thinking that he did deliver a good one. But then the batsman Samiullah Shinwari neutralized this good ball brilliantly.

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