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Faheem Ashraf Series Of Sixes In Domestic Cricket
Faheem Ashraf is a Pakistani all-rounder who in a short span of time made a name for himself. He is a dashing left handed batsman and a decent right arm medium pace bowler. His bowling might need a lot of thing to excel in world of cricket but his batting skills are brilliant and we have seen that as well.

Faheem is a good solid hitter of the cricket ball and he has dominated against the bowlers in the domestic cricket. His last blitz with the bat in the Pakistan cup showed us how well he can bat. He was magnificent in the whole tournament for Pakistan. He might become that all-rounder which Pakistan is looking for.

Faheem Ashraf is the Hardik Pandya in making and if he is worked upon then certainly he can become better and better with each passing day. Hardik was never this Hardik when he came to the Indian team. but he worked hard and got great mentoring. This is what Faheem needs as well.

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